Is Soy Lecithin Bad For Testosterone?

Why Organic, Whole Foods are the best fuel for your body

Walking down the grocery isle, we pass by the vegetable section… regular broccoli, $1.99 / lb… organic broccoli, $3.99 / lb…

Why would someone pay double or more the price for something organic? Especially since polls have shown that regular and organic products taste the same?

First, there is a scientific reason on why organic foods are better for you- and second, we should also keep in mind that studies cost money, and the people who are spending dollars to create these studies are the corporations selling you processed food. Any scientist working in a lab will tell you there are always ways to manipulate results in scientific studies to achieve the outcome you want. This is why using our common sense, experiences, and intuition is so important. We need to learn to make conclusions ourselves- so please, do take the time and try out eating organic vs. not eating organic and see which feels better. Make your own decision, and be weary of the sources you listen to.

Benefits of eating organic food:

  • Nutrient values are higher than commercially farmed produce
  • Protein quality within plants will be higher (cows fed organic grass eat less while producing more milk. It’s like anything that’s higher quality… you get more while using less)
    • Plant proteins contain amino acids that are essential to nutrition. The presence of these amino acids is dependent on the quality of the soil it’s grown in- whether it has trace minerals available- which in turn are produced by the billions of microorganisms that exist in healthy soil. Commercial fertilizers (which are petroleum based) destroy these microorganisms, as so does the use of herbicides and fungicides.
      • This means: Plants grown in natural soil without the use of pesticides allow for soil microorganisms to flourish and do their thing- namely provide trace minerals through natural processes to the plant, which in turn passes on those minerals to us, and provides the plant with important amino acids… ie. more nutrition! [1]
  • Less Toxins
    • New studies more often linking toxins in our food to allergies, obesity, mental dysfunction and degenerative diseases
  • More Secondary Nutrients
    • Other than the primary nutrients of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals- secondary nutrients (of which exist 5,000 – 10,000 in plants) are found to be higher in organic food
    • Research from the University of Copenhagen suggests that organic food may be better at protecting us from cancer, due to a higher concentrations of phenolic compounds, a secondary nutrient. Phenolic compounds are a type of antioxidant that is 10x more efficient than other antioxidants such as Vitamin C and E

Read an in-depth study on how organic farming is better for your health here.

The common sense answer to why organics are better is:

Garbage in, garbage out!

If our crops are grown with soil fertilized with petroleum and chemicals… what do our plants use to grow? Plant’s are living things just like us, and just like us they thrive much better on a natural diet vs. eating chemicals (especially one’s derived from petroleum).

Nature provides us the most efficient solutions in terms of health. In the long run, paying more up front for organic food made with natural methods is cheaper than supplementing with $40 / can of Animal Pak vitamins, paying thousands in doctor visits in the future, and worst of all- not being able to do the things you love when you’re old in a few years because your health is deteriorating.


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